Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2011

Soramame/Monkey magic

There are so many people who are waiting for their performance in the rain.
What is going to happen?
Then a Japanese guy is coming with a cute monkey. It's time for monkey entertainment.

It's been 3 years since Sora teamed up with a very cute and funny monkey named Mame.
Their master is the famous monkey entertainer "Taro and Jiro".
This is the first time for them to participate in this festival.

When they are doing their show, they look like really nice friends.
"Although we are partner, confirming who is stronger and better is very important for monkey.
So I have to show him that I'm his boss."
It looks like the monkey world is not that easy.
Neverthless ,during the performance, their teamwork is just amazing.

Unfortunately we might not be able to see their performance this year in Shizuoka.
But I do hope we can meet them again next year!!


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2011/11/06 04:02 PM
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