Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2011

Just fabulous/Tempei

It just stopped raining.
A tall and stylish man is standing at the point which is next to the Shizuoka station.
His name is Tempei who has not only won the Japanese cup this year in this festival but also won a lot of awards in the world.

He is a professional juggler. What makes his performance unique is that he barely speaks words during the performance.
His strength is his skills and qualities of juggling. Even if he does't say a word, he can glab the audience's attention enough.

"The Daidogei World Cup is great. People come to enjoy this festival and I can feel the reaction of the audience at close hand, which is really nice for performers. That's the difference between the performance in a theatre and the one on the street.
Moreover, we have to think about stage direction, illumination and everything by ourself when we are performing on a street. So when I complete the show like this I can feel a great sense of achievement, which is amazing and make me excited."

His juggling harmonizes with the music he chose, His juggling skill is just astonishing.
I wouldn't be surprised that he could win the Japanese cup.
His next target is the world cup champion.

Today is the last day of the daidogei world cup.
I do hope that we can watch his performance in Shizuoka again next year!!


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2011/11/06 04:00 PM
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