Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2011

Wild kangaroos in Shizuoka?! / ROO'D

Kangaroo alert!

Wild pair of kangaroos on the loose!

Hopping from country to country, the ROO'D have

found a way to come to Shizuoka. So popular in Australia,

this pair of kangaroos, Jillaroo and Jackaroo, are notorious for

barragging into the opening ceremony for the Sydney Olympics.

And this year, they have Jolene, a 15 year old daughter to bring


She is so lazy that she stays inside Jillaroo's pouch eating

chips and cookies all day, but now and then, she pops her head

out of the pouch to give a friendly greeting.

But who knows, she may soon come out

of the pouch to travel around the world, giving hi-five and a smile

to spread the love and joy.

Come and say hello to these kangaroos, because they will

surely be happy to hop around in joy!

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2011/11/06 01:55 PM
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