Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2010

A charismatic cameraman in the press room!?/ Camera staff

In the premium night show, the photos of Damejan Koide and
Thank you Tezuka
20 years ago were captured on the screen last night.

A leader of camera staff called Ume-san was depressed
not to be asked to use his photos.
He claimed that he has much rarer ones!
He has been taking photos of Daidogei for 23 years.
If you ask him something about this festival, you can get almost
any information you want.
He even informs you some additional old story.

He has a lot of treasured photos of Daidogei
which Daidogei fans would be eager to see.

There is a rumor that the artist who was taken photos by him
is recognized as an artist of first class...

Who is going to be taken a photo by him?
He is looking for a target and that might be you!?


2010Festival Report in English / 2010Staff
2010/11/07 04:06 PM

Welcome to Pote's nongravity world!!/Pote

Wearing exotic clothes, Pote, whose hairstyle is like a pineapple
takes us to a nongravity world!

In his show, a crystal-clear stick goes up in the air,
and the silver hoops seem gravityless.
Also, his unique item named Bugen moves like a creature
and it looks so creepy. He smiled and said that
words like "creepy" is the best praise for him.

If he controls his favorite trick "contact balls",
it starts to spin around as if they are living.

"I want to perform without throwing things," he said.
He is may be a nongravity magician.


2010Festival Report in English / 2010Artist
2010/11/07 04:06 PM

11月7日(日)会場風景 その2


2010/11/07 04:04 PM

"KENDAMA" is not just a toy but a kind of sports !!/Kendamashi YUSUKE ITO

YUSUKE ITO who has 10 career Kendama championships of Japan.
His kendama show is good old-fashioned style, wearing blue Kimono and playing Kendama with the traditional Japanese instruments of Shamisen.
Since he began to play Kendama with his brother at the age of 7 and then he has been improving in Kendama school like sports.
He mixed his own unique and inventive tricks with Kendama.

Today, it's 3rd day of the event, the more he showed his excellent kendama skills, the audience had been very excited with a big applause.


2010Festival Report in English / 2010Artist
2010/11/07 04:04 PM
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