Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2010

Never Miss this Cool and Funny Guy / Riki

He speaks "fluent" Japanese which makes the audience burst with laughter.
He knows how to make the Japanese laugh. His "talk" show will certainly
crack you up, if you know Japanese humor well. At first, he came to Japan
to study Japanese at a university. Then he was planning to go to India and
make classical music. But somehow he had decided to join a street
performance company in Toyama prefecture and trained for 8 hours a day
for 2 years and became a street artist. His show is exciting and REALLY funny.
Listening is believing! Study Japanase hard and let's laugh together.


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2010/11/06 10:01 PM

11月6日(土)会場風景 その7


2010/11/06 07:50 PM

11月6日(土)会場風景 その6


2010/11/06 07:43 PM

11月6日(土)会場風景 その5


2010/11/06 07:10 PM