Festival Report フェスティバル レポート 2008


2008年の大道芸ワールドカップ 受賞パフォーマーは下記のとおりです。

■ゴールド 「カナコフ」
■シルバー 「クラウディウス シュペヒト」
■ブロンズ 「ロカシュコフ トゥループ」

■実行委員会特別賞 「ル テニス」


2008/11/03 11:14 PM

Artistic show for LOVE/SOLSORA

「SOLSORA」,good combinations made from "Earth(SOL in French)" and
"sky(SORA in Japanease).
Not only that's beautiful name, but also their paformance is so artistic and we should be impressed with that.

there are three key words. "chance", "change", "challenge"
Chance; French Canadian Michel met Japanese Tomoko, then he fall in love with her.
Change; Michel is originally very shy, but after he met Tomoko, he starts learnig circus, he came to play a paformance in public. that's big change in his life!!
Challenge; this is their first time to show in Shizuoka. They say "we are so happy to paform such a good place and also staff are very nice"
Pafoeming 3times a day for 4days could be hard for them, but they try their physical limits. More show you the power of love from their exparience.
At last, the important massage from Michel "Do somthing, then you could be open even the Bluck flower!"
l want to believe it..

2008Festival Report in English / 2008Artist
2008/11/03 05:03 PM

11月3日の風景 その4

by ko

2008/11/03 04:46 PM


Hello, Shizuoka!
We are MABO BAND from Italy!
How have you been? It's been 10 years, actually.

Have they been marching directry from Italy??
MABO BAND are really nice and friendly.
If you were lucky, you were able to see them performing on the street of
Shizuoka city during the Daidogei period.

On the final day, they showed a special performance.
The ball&baloon performance was just like the festival from their town.
I'll shoot you!!
Are you not a brass band??

Anyway, be happy, everybody!
World peace!

2008Festival Report in English / 2008Artist
2008/11/03 04:39 PM