We are sad to announce that due to an unfortunate injury 'Duo Looky' of World Category will not be attending this years Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka. They’ll be replaced by Andreas Wessels. Andreas Wessels will join as the On Category.

Adam & Benjamin
01 Adam & Benjamin Hungary
Anni Kupper
02 Anni Kupper Germany
Charlie Caper
03 Charlie Caper Sweden
Company Kate &Pasi
04 Company Kate &Pasi Finland
Duo Unity
06 Duo Unity Canada Germany
Faeble Kievman
07 Faeble Kievman USA
Les Moldaves
08 Les Moldaves France
Lorenzo Mastropietro
09 Lorenzo Mastropietro Italy
10 ManoAmanoCirco Argentina
Mizuki Shinagawa
11 Mizuki Shinagawa Japan
Quatuor Stomp
12 Quatuor Stomp Canada France USA
The Collector
13 The Collector USA
Wise Fools
14 Wise Fools Finland South Africa